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We’re Live!

Great googly moogly! My site’s back up! Prayz lawd! Man it’s been a while. got hacked last week, and it *took* a while (cough) for the Anarchist Powers That Be to get it back up. uhh… Many thanks to Kellan and Evan for their help in remedying this situation… aaah, ultimately it doesn’t matter if I damn or praise them here, because they don’t read what I write anyway.

Well, then, let me catch you up on almost nothing. Here’s a lot of sites I hit, and some observations about them:

Stupid Media Tricks

There’s been a rash of articles on the AP and Reuters newswires which are witness this one, where the writer neglected to mention until the sixth-to-last paragraph that the Eve from whom we are all supposed to be descended is NOT the bilbical one, but an African fossil dubbed Eve by a scientist. has a pain index map! Hah! Today it is indicating that U.S. citizens will experience pains in a lovely unbroken swath of army greeeen.

Stupid Pop Culture Tricks

Tommy Hilfiger has his own line of dolls, which are like the American Girls dolls, only God knows what he was thinking if he meant these ones to be role models, or sympathetic to modern girlies. Witness:

Madison lives in New York. Her parents are divorced, but still good friends; once a week, the three of them go out to dinner. Madison loves to draw, and her favorite subjects are math and art class. She always carries her video camera so she can make movies of the people she meets.

I love that once again, a detail like “she loves to wear nail polish” gets mentioned in the three-sentence bios for these “characters.” And that there’s fifty million brand-name accessory packs, because “Dolls, just like real girls, are not content with just one outfit.” (Of course, one of the packs includes the obligatory Ugly Pants, those pants which are too tight around the butt and knees, wrinkle at the thighs, and flare out repulsively at the calf. They look good on NO-ONE, but every woman in New York City wears them anyway. Not me! Ha!) And one of the dolls has hair just like Hillary Clinton. And the African-American doll is a jet-set-brat from super-white Denver. What the hell is this guy trying to prove?!

I promise you, one of these days I’ll revive the “Real American Girls” series we created years ago (Sly and Arlo, remember them? I still have the original sketches), with Pearl Ann, the little Dust Bowl dollie who only has one dingy dress, and Theresa, the Navajo girl whose hair is shingled when she is forced into an off-reservation boarding school, and “Chrissie,” the cross-dressing doll who is terrified that mom will find out that he, also, “loves to wear nail polish.”

Reverse Jingoism

Logging on to Blogger mid-afternoon, when all the Europeans are posting, is fascinating. Why are most Spanish-language sites so much more interesting than your average American site? Is it MAYBE because we’re a bunch of stupid uneducated hicks? Hmm.

They Give Good Ear

Usually all my good music tips come from my mom, an avid KCRW listener, but this time Dad’s made a good find, somewhere around the bailiwick of Dr. Demento as usual: The Tiger Lillies are fsckin’ great. Someone likened ’em to Jacques Brel and Tiny Tim and British music hall, and I would add Monty Python.

blah blah blah Indymedia blah blah blah blah blah

John Tarleton, an Indymedia volunteer and sometime co-author of mine, has his own website, which I only learned of recently. He’s an interesting guy — tells stories about the work he does harvesting blueberries in Maine, hitchhikes all over, stuff I wish I could do but don’t dare.

* * *

Confidential to the Good Senator: Loopy mumuu toilet water, francs of Chef Boyardee, tartain plaid. I saw the Loper in Enfield, you didn’t. Of course, this message is going to make as much sense to anyone else as it does to you. How’s that for cryptic? (P.S.: that has nothing to do with how depressed I was.)

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