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Internet-Correspondance Repair

With the long-distance help of my dad, I am fixing a lamp which was a New York street find. This follows in a peculiar tradition of long-distance repair between the two of us, the most notable moment being the time when my dad accurately diagnosed the ominous scraping sound coming from the wheel wells of Evan’s two-door Honda when all we could find to fix the car on a rainy holiday-weekend night in outback Massachusetts was two drunken guys who may or may not have been employees of the closed Citgo station where we stopped. Dad says he is going to be digitally recording progress of rebuilding his 30s-era Cord soon, too. I envision a network of illustrated Click and Clack-like help for anyone fixing something, be it a computer, a toaster, or an elderly jalopy… would have been useful the other day as we were trying to figure out how to hack together an Appletalk-to-ethernet cable down at the IMC. (We’re still looking for illustrated instructions, if anyone has ’em.)

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