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The Temporary Home Of The John “Chauncy Berry” Seabury Fan Klub

Hey look, gang! My cousin was nominated for a Grammy! Way to go, John! Gee, I wish someone had told me EARLIER (ahem); I would have cast my precious Recording Academy vote for him, but you know, Billboard was all on about Madonna’s packaging, I mean her PACKAGING, because if you noticed the whole damn ceremony was about women and their PACKAGING… or LACK of it… except in Joni Mitchell’s case for some reason… and so I voted for… you know, the eventual winner, and I, well… the whole affair is a fscking crock. fsck the man and give me back my fscking free Napster.

Pynoman is one of John’s projects. I don’t know if he has anything else up online, but he’s a keen artist (though not for the faint of heart mind you), and we all get Christmas cards from him (SOME of us, ahem) and you don’t. John’s an accomplished musician, too, as is his brother Dave. If you are in Oakland/Berkeley, go check out the Kensington Circus. Ask for the Feztones. And if you’re still on the remains of Napster, search for the two Napster users– count ’em two– who have a copy of the Psyco Pyno song “I Want Her So Bad.” (Actually, there appears to be a song or two on as well.) It sounds just like tha art!

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