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Selected headlines of articles on intelligence from

Smarter teens delay having sex Mar 03, 2000 (Reuters)

Parents influence IQ more than birth weight does Jul 20 (Reuters)

Surprisingly Smart: Hollywood’s Educated Icons

Childhood intelligence linked to timing of menopause NEW YORK, Jul 21,1999 (Reuters Health)

First impression usually right when it comes to IQ Jun 12, 2000 (Reuters)

Spanking may affect IQ NEW YORK, Aug 05, 1998 (Reuters)

Harsh Discipline Hurts IQ NEW YORK, Aug 19, 1995 (Reuters)

Genetic manipulation boosts mouse IQ NEW YORK, Sep 01, 1999 (Reuters Health)

Breastfeeding linked to higher IQ NEW YORK, Sep 22, 1999 (Reuters Health)

Supplemented formula ups infant intelligence NEW YORK, Sep 07,1998 (Reuters)

Long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids supplementation associated with infant intelligence WESTPORT, Aug 28,1998 (Reuters)

Dieting Lowers IQs of British Girls

Intelligence Related To Risk For Posttraumatic Stress Disorder WESTPORT, Mar 31,1998 (Reuters)

Education may protect against dementia NEW YORK, Jul 13, 1999(Reuters Health)

Larger parietal lobes explain Einstein’s superior intellect WESTPORT, Jun 18,1999 (Reuters Health)

(I look at this, and wonder, who are their investors? Well, Bausch & Lomb execs are on their board, and the rest seems to be made up of media people. All of them experts on the brain, mm?)

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    I strongly disagree that it is a language that only he understands. The emotions conveyed by these abstact and primeval sounds are capable of being understood by anyone who truly listens.

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