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Protected: Protected

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Protected: Fever Dreams: In Which I Attend The Auction Of An Amish Farm Over Zoom In The Middle Of A Global Pandemic

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

TSA Experience, 101126

After four flights and two check-ins, my final leg of travel in nine days finally confronted me with a millimeter-wave scanner. At Detroit, every passenger who had put their bag on the scanner was waved into the line for the millimeter-wave scanner (and, I should note, this meant we did not go through the metal […]

A sadder and a wiser man/ He rose the morrow morn.


Post ‘Em If You Got ‘Em

It’s like when people got arrested on the subway wearing their new red power suits…



work damn you

No More I Leave Yous / About The Author

I spent the last week in California on what turned out to be a sort of fact-finding mission about my family, mixed in with some furious groping about my academic future, a rite of passage for my little sister, and the smell of suntan lotion under redwoods — in other words, a little too intense […]

Failed Celebrity Encounters #7

Just as the poodle I’m walking squats to take a dump… along comes John Goodman, heading up Columbus with someone I didn’t recognize. I have things planned that I would say to Joel Hodgson, or Denise Crosby, or Ben Stein (I think I’d spit in his face), or Steve Martin (I’d ask him to dance), […]

A Month In Lesson Plans

or, Arts And Crafts For The Spiritually Drained Post-Graduate or, Non-Alcoholic Drinking Games For The Graphomaniacally Inclined Another Web Tutorial These are my last days at the workshop. I have driven the last of my kids from web staff to the airport, some of the same kids I had “brought into this world” when I […]