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TSA Experience, 101126

After four flights and two check-ins, my final leg of travel in nine days finally confronted me with a millimeter-wave scanner. At Detroit, every passenger who had put their bag on the scanner was waved into the line for the millimeter-wave scanner (and, I should note, this meant we did not go through the metal […]

A sadder and a wiser man/ He rose the morrow morn.


Post ‘Em If You Got ‘Em

It’s like when people got arrested on the subway wearing their new red power suits…


work damn you

No More I Leave Yous / About The Author

Failed Celebrity Encounters #7

A Month In Lesson Plans

Blink And You’ll Miss Us

Found Documents: Among Other Things

Cleaned up my files today. “Files” being a wicker basket of crap, four plastic in/outboxes of crap, and the dust-bunny-riddled piles of crap all over my floor. Among the things I filed were the following: the above Bazooka Joe comic; a torn out page from a day planner, which I had found tucked in a […]