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Protected: Protected

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Protected: Fever Dreams: In Which I Attend The Auction Of An Amish Farm Over Zoom In The Middle Of A Global Pandemic

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

adapted from journal entries

cw: family grief 1/27/16 Of all the moments here at my grandmother’s, the one that felt the most… important? I dont know, words fail—was going through the top right drawer of her dresser, looking for the ring. Being in Dee’s room at all. Mom and me and my sister looking at her bookshelf. Not the […]

memoirs of the midwives of horror

[content warnings: anatomy descriptions; racist behavior; tech industry misogyny and graphic relationship violence] [This is nonfiction, but it is a historical pastiche of multiple events, companies, and individuals.] [0] They told us Think Different. Different like Cesar Chavez, Amelia Earhart, Jim Henson, like that was a sentence that made any kind of sense. They put […]

From a letter to a pregnant friend

A month or two back, two girlfriends of mine announced their pregnancies in a single email (knowing a couple of us from the old gang aren’t on Facebook anymore). Recently, a few of the gang who are still near our hometown got together for dinner, digging up some tensions which our group hadn’t really acknowledged […]


Given that I’m going to be producing shows on cable access soon, I feel like I should be writing more here. Because I’m meeting people, with an intensity I haven’t in years, and the quality of the interactions are just of the kind of barely-contained hysterical that I always feel like I ought to capture […]

Mean World Syndrome, Redux

“So of course we discover that achieving Earthseed’s Destiny, despite Lauren Olamina’s dreams, hasn’t solved the problem of the human at all, only extended our confrontation with the very difficult problems that drove its development in the first place — only removed them to some other world where they can take some other form. The […]

Return of the Cheese Fries Reviews

Management has changed due to Circumstances. Welcome to new collaborator F. Mulligan’s, Avon, OH F: I’m going to stop freaking out about the Skinny Girl Vodka, and I’m going to stop freaking out about the fact the Cleveland Indians still have that mascot. G: They do have a jukebox. It has Daft Punk and Radiohead. […]

Invented Word Scrabble

For some time I’ve had the idea that I wanted to try playing a game of Scrabble which would involve all-made-up words. The game would be scored on 1) the eloquence of your definition of the word, 2) the reasonableness of said definition based on its relationship to existing roots and affixes, and 3) on-board […]

Letters to Young People: Unsayable

I wrote this to a student at the end of last semester, one who was struggling with what looked pretty clearly to me like depression and/or self-deprecating thoughts that go along with it. I never sent this. This is the kind of thing that would lose you your job. But I think it is so, […]