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Dance With The Skullboy What Brung Ya!

The final round of voting in the Dark Horse Comics Strip Search contest is upon us! And the competition just can’t stand up to the Mighty Skullboy Army!!! OK, well, maybeTangerine might, or the one with sharks… But this is not the point! A vote for Skullboy is a vote to strengthen Jacob Chabot’s memes! And Jacob Chabot’s memes are a degree of separation or two away from your own memes if you’re reading this! And that’s go to count for something! OK, so you’re modest… you don’t care about the success of your own memes, because la voz de la gente is what counts… well, do it because it’s iconic and funny, then. Or if you like the other ones better, vote once from home and… um… have your co-workers vote, at work. I ain’t promotin’ no illegal nuthin. Vote Skullboy!

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