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A New Meaning For “Polyphony”

Luaka Bop will always be the #1 label in my life, but you know me… I’m all about the polyamory. And there’s a new label in my life. I went looking for a genius little song by Bruce Haack called Electric To Me Turn, got the kind of heart-racy feeling I get when I find an artist whose entire oevre I will soon obsessively amass, and it slowly dawned on me after a few pages that his work was being released on Emperor Norton Records among all sorts of other fantastic stuff, some of which, like Senor Coconut, I’d heard before. On KCRW. And, um, people like Miss Kittin, who I heard about from my sisters.
Honestly, sometimes I’m so thick. I’m like, “Yah, music! I like it! I’m so hip and with it and I know all the stuff nobody else knows!” And I never bother to go and investigate the labels and network connections of groups I like, so I barely scratch the surface.
Annnnnyway, I want to have Emperor Norton Records‘s babies. Once again, that’s Emperor Norton Records. As in, Emperor Norton. Yessir. E-M-P-E– yeah, that gag doesn’t work as well as it does on the radio.

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