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What NOT To Do With Photoshop

NOT, NOT, NOT. People, I can’t emphasize this enough. DON’T do things like this with Photoshop. Some of it’s just retouching, but there is something WRONG about ADDING EYES INTO A PICTURE WHEN YOUR GRANDDAUGHTER HAS BLINKED. Also with making your wife look like she’s in the waxworks, or pinching a guy’s head to make him look thinner… and would it *kill* you to learn some of the more sophisticated tools, like color balance?!

Don’t ask how I found this… had something to do with a search for pictures of fat women in bikinis — yes, I checked the porn sites already — don’t ask why… ok, I’ll tell you, it has something to do with a certain ad campaign I hate. just you wait, mr. madden, just you wait…

Oh, how lucky am I to have just found a GIANT picture of the Venus of Willendorf? How lucky was I that I even had a teacher in high school who wouldn’t let us forget about the V.o.W.? For sooo many reasons, too — I credit Dr. Feldmeth’s insistence that we go view Greek statuary for my awareness that current American physical ideals for women are 1) stupid and 2) transitory. Thanks, Dr. F.

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    I heard Mr. Madden went to jail for fraud. Vengeance is yours.

    Wednesday, September 25, 2002 at 6:39 pm | Permalink

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