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Tapa tai!

The Onion AV Club is running an interview with the creator of Pootie Tang this week. Worth a read if you loved the movie, which I did. Things I hadn’t known: 1) Louis CK is white (which, sadly, flips my liberal white guilt switches in bad ways for enjoying the movie); 2) there was a big struggle with Paramount about the way certain nonsensical scenes were approached, which resulted in pulled punches on a lot of the gags; 3) Mr. CK regrets the parts which were unintentionally bad (the way the film was shot in places, for example), which I at one point celebrated for making Pootie Tang one of those rare and delightful movies which is both intentionally and unintentionally bad. Things I had known: Chris Rock pulled to keep the movie from being killed by the studio because he is a good guy who values smart comedy, and I need to check out more of his stuff.

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