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TV For My Dad

August, being Housesitting Month, is also Gorge On Cable Month. This time, I’ve discovered Penn and Teller’s show Bullshit!, which goes above and beyond the usual bounds of scientific skepticism (ESP, alien abductions, etc) to cover a surprising range of social movements. The first show I saw was about PETA. I have to say I was a little taken aback at how harsh they were on them — they really don’t temper their scorn for “anti-scientific” organizations in the least. (Their inability to admit to the shortcomings of science is a definite flaw.) But a show speaking skeptically about just about anything — especially fundamentalist Christianity, which they cover — is much needed these days. I am waiting for them to do Sc!3nt0l0gy and get their asses whupped. Someone needs to; those loopy bastards have started putting up ads around Columbia. Not only is this show likely to become my dad’s favorite (every time I go home I get an earful about how the local PBS affiliate is taking money to do shows on religion), but it should also be required viewing for all Hampshire students. It’s on Showtime.

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