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This one’s for Irons

… who may not remember it, but who for a while was my regular companion to a movie theater in Berkeley (or was it Palo Alto?) which distributed matinee tickets marked “BARGIN.” He laughed pretty hard about that.

This was the banner headline on a local-discount-stores circular which came in the mail today. It delivered what it promised, too. Interior headlines read “UGLY BATHROOM?” and “DANGER MOLD.”

So, what — is “bargin” a cutesy spelling of “bargain,” like “lite?” Or like the “Kalifornia Kleen Kar” car wash in Pasadena?

(I know, I know. Bless me for I have sinned, I haven’t posted anything real in about a month. It’s mostly ’cause I have this piece on being bourgeois that’s hugely long already but hasn’t come out right — I don’t feel like I’m making a decent point with it yet.)

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