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Thunderbirds are GO!

Sweet! It appears everything’s back to normal around here, or at least patched up enough to give a semblance thereof. *cracks knuckles* Main column, right column, category headings… well, the archive page is still busted, but that’s easy enough to fix. The old stuff from the side column is going away for the time being — you won’t really miss it — and I’m going to link to all the old pages as statics at some point, unless Kellan gets around to decomposing it all the way he did the main column stuff.


Those of you who asked to be notified about new posts are on a list now. Please tell me if announcements about new posts the main column don’t show up in your mailbox, ok? For some reason it doesn’t seem to be working.

Ohhh, I have such a backlog, you have no idea. Expect long posts.


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