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City of Boredom?

I keep checking the 7 train on the NYC subway bloggers list, hoping I’ll find someone who’s worth going out to coffee with, but it’s just not happening. Most bloggers don’t present themselves as interesting people. Witness:

just a bunch of personal, popculture, and buffy banter

quasi-daily posts of happenings in my life. (from a blog named Like It Matters)

my journal. full of rants. about guys. and occasionally, about me. haha. enjoy.

basically its about two girls and their view on life 🙂

daily life by a girl whos just figuring out life

Stuff. Yep, all about stuff.

The words “musings,” “ramble,” “rant,” “babbling,” and “stuff” show up with alarming regularity in these blog descriptions, unbolstered by any suggestion of what the content is about. I’m especially anxious about the use of “life,” as in “about life,” as if life were a weighed and measured packet doled out to everyone equally. You’d think we’ve all heard enough about botulism poptarts in Afghanistan by now to know that life isn’t an MRE…

Worse yet, many bloggers seem to have succumbed to ennui or self-hatred. As in:

This is just a blog like any other blog. It gathers the babblings of just any other girl.

no point really, it’s just whatever i feel like sharing.

Self-deprecation and a big ego flourish in Sunnyside…

…it’s like ‘That Girl’ meets ‘Sid and Nancy,’ but less heroin and more shoes, coffee, and clumsiness.

one girl’s relentless pursuit of boredom

Well, so, maybe this is Queens, right? Surely people in Manhattan are having more fun, and have a better sense of what their lives are about. Let’s look at the 6 train:

Weird random stuff that I don’t give much thought to…

Mindless banter from an exceptional yet unemployed NYer

Random rantz on life as I see and experience it.

Daily look into my life.

Things about me. Random rants and raves.

my observations on life. pretty boring and self-centered. 😛 (

My personal blog, of great interest to my mom and much less so to others.

ARGH! i suck at this describe yourself thing, go read and figure it out for yourself

some silly things that i write

Bitching to hear myself bitch.

feigning intellect

read it and mock


Lots of text and some pretty colors.

Can I worry about this, please? I think I want to worry about this. I’m going to blame it on American culture again, ok? It’s not just that I hate American society and culture on their own merits; it’s that I hate how it makes people hate themselves and their lives because they’re not worth SELLING. C’mon, people! Everyone has a reason to get other people interested in their lives! If there really truly isn’t, it’s time to MAKE ONE!

oh, well. I suppose diaries don’t have to have an editorial vision.

It does, I’ve found out, that people with more unusual descriptions have more interesting blogs. For example, this guy. “One nation, that has never heard of your nation…” tee hee.


  1. timmy wrote:

    Oo, you’ve put your finger on what bugs me about so many Blogs and LiveJournals. Ever looked at the words embedded in’s banner graphic? Check it out: “i’m procrastinating again… in a rambly mood so i am just gonna kind of sit here and type out whatever… a reply to my livejournal! yippee”. Always struck me as a bit dodgy. (And yet I still have a LiveJournal, hmm.)

    Tuesday, July 30, 2002 at 4:09 pm | Permalink
  2. gus wrote:

    hah! one degree of separation in two different directions! You went to high school with Mack Elder, and you’ll be at college with Marquise McGraw!

    Wednesday, July 31, 2002 at 10:40 pm | Permalink
  3. Elise wrote:

    My, that was longer than I had anticipated. I apologize.

    Wednesday, July 31, 2002 at 11:47 pm | Permalink
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