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Blink And You’ll Miss Us

Kube and I went out to the Lawn today and performed for the University’s RotundaCam. We were there right before sunset, standing right in front of the statue in the foreground forming letters with our bodies. Watch for the couple who comes to have a picnic — they showed up shortly before we did. At least, in time-lapse time it was shortly before. It reminds me of the way they tell you that if you compared the life of the earth to a day, starting at zero hour, from its creation, humankind would only show up in the last few seconds. Kube and I show up for a few frantic frames; then the day dims out. Catch us while you can; the movie will only be up for the next five days or so. (Can someone download it for me?) It’s much easier to view on a Mac — adjusting the frame-by-frame controls works much better.

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