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Category Archives: Stupid Media Tricks

Activism: Powered by Guiltium ™

I did not singlehandedly save the country from the relaxation of FCC regulations. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa…

You can’t deny it —

Donald Rumsfeld. Sam the Eagle.

The Secret Lives of Want Ads

Seeking social-justice-oriented BLT for long walks on beach, snuggling, office-related S/M scenarios.

OK, so maybe Canadians aren’t so great…

Hammy the Hamster?!

My next job will be working for a meat-industry site…

Beef: It’s coming to get your daughter.

This one’s for Irons

It’s a Bargin!

Getting To Know Our Future Homeland: TV Station Banner Ads You Won’t See In The US

Chaud time on Canada’s First, Canada’s Finest TV station.

From the “Wish I’d Written That Headline” Department

“Grateful Dead now ‘Dead'”

Strangely Cosmopolitan

Cosmo goes Volapuk; Glamour asks questions.

If It Wasn’t For Rigid Gender Roles, *They’d* Be Scoring On ESPN

Stupid ESPN ads.