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Strangely Cosmopolitan

So, I had reason (I did! I swear!) to check out whether the New York Public Library had back issues of Cosmopolitan. And it turns out the NYPL (we pronounce it “nipple”) does indeed have many periodical resources titled “Cosmopolitan.” I’m now left to figure out whether this one is real, or whether some clever librarian is making commentary on menses and advertisement. (What the hell is Volapuk?!)

In other magazine news, I am trying to figure out when and how to share with my loyal readers the laff riot which is my participation in monthly Glamour Magazine polls (have I done it already?). The juxtaposition of questions they ask are alarmingly strange… probably not legal for me to say anything, but I probably will anyway, at some point.

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  1. Dave Klahr wrote:

    Volapuk is an artificial language, like Esperanto. Find out more here:

    Wednesday, January 29, 2003 at 3:34 pm | Permalink

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