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Category Archives: Short List Temp

YouTube Socks

F00t f3t!sh display on YouTube.

You, Too, Can Host A School Assembly

Just think… all their booking information is available right there on the Internet. I wonder if any of them need proof you’re actually inviting them to a school?

Statistically improbable phrases in Riddley Walker

The girt dants of the woal thing. Putcha Putcha.

Quick Political Comics

QuickComic: Fiddling while Rome burns.

Oh crap a review of my life by Anthony Lane

and magical realism and Cow and Boy.

Green Sleeves

A video on sneezing, from Maine. I love my natal state.

Appearing At

HOPE and BitchFest aftermath.

Not that bus

I was not on the Fung Wah bus which crashed today.

William Shatner Is Creepy

Must… Capitalize… All… Posts…

Vote Amazing Screw-On Head!

A definite must for all fans of Edward Gorey.