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Vote Amazing Screw-On Head!

Jacob made me aware that the Sci Fi Channel has developed a pilot animated show of the comic book The Amazing Screw-On Head. A definite must for all fans of Edward Gorey, this is the visually dark yet whimsical story of a steampunk 007 (errrr, 007’s screw-on head?!) who is in the service of Abraham Lincoln, fighting evil spinsters and gentleman zombies during the Civil War. (Watch for the “animation” of Lincoln. Holy flipbook flatpanels, Batman!) Makes for some great period jingoism (back when people actually said “jingo”). If enough people indicate they like the pilot, Sci Fi will apparently run it. So Vote Screw-On Head!

A few more notes: the artist responsible is Mike Mignola, creator of Hellboy. Paul Giamatti voices Head, I think, and the bad dude is of course voiced by David Hyde Pierce from Frasier.

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