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Not that bus

Hi. A few of you may be wondering if I’m OK, having heard news that a Fung Wah bus rolled over between Boston and New York today. Well, by twist of fate I wasn’t on that bus — it was going the other way, actually, so that means Tse Wei, who I ran into this morning and who took an earlier bus from Boston, could not have been on the bus in question. We’re fortunate. It does appear, though, that nobody was seriously injured.

We were greeted by camera crews when we disembarked this afternoon, so you may see me on the news B-roll if I didn’t wreck the dude’s footage by being an as$hole and crossing right in front of his camera. I’m the one in the too-small burgundy hoodie. I really hope this sudden publicity doesn’t hurt the Fung Wah’s business… it was raining, and the drivers are generally not unsafe, so I don’t imagine it was recklessness that caused this accident. And we all love the Fung Wah, with its cheeeap cheeeeaaap cheeeeeeapness.

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