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Lost in San Francisco

So I haven’t written in forever, and that’s for various reasons not the least of which is that I forgot the URL to my effing blog again (LOSE.) But I thought I should indicate to all concerned that some really excellent pictures of me were taken at a pre-Burning Man party. There’s a whole bunch with light sabers — that’s me on the right, and I provided the blacklight paint causing that guy’s face to glow. (It got kind of sick, actually — the possibility of groovy light effects pulled a raft of photographers, and as they stood there clicking away at us I got uncomfortable, thinking both of DeLillo’s “world’s most photographed barn” and of the time at a protest when there were nearly more photographers than there were police.)

Then there was our Photoboof strip. That’s Precious Roommate on the left, his gal Laura on the right.

And the best photo, as it happens, was chosen by Laughing Squid to lead their wrap-up. Dad and Jon Brier, you must check out that photo! It involves steam-powered vehicles.

Am still enjoying myself but as it happens am looking for employment at the end of this month. Any leads?

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