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India-ana — Indiana? Indianiana?

A friend tried to send me an e-greeting from, but it didn’t get through. No matter! Elsewhere on the site I found this great article on “intimate love” which I find much more charming than the usual pabulum of the “things to do when you’re not having sex” sort — perhaps because it suggests you also do things like “Delightfully enjoy the sunlight draping your bodies” as part of a “longer lovemaking session.” I wonder what kind of audience this is aimed at?

“Delightfully enjoy” — I’ve come to love the Indian-English tendency towards superlatives, not to mention the curious practice of placing matrimonial ads in newspapers. I miss having a copy of India Abroad delivered to my office. A piece of theirs on Nixon-era diplomatic maneuvers regarding Bangladesh caught my eye; I don’t know much about the period, so I found it interesting. Don’t know how its political slant (“Washington’s pro-Pakistan tilt is as unreasonable as it is enduring”) fits into the general spectrum…

In other news, Rhythm Dhol Bass is playing at Basement Bhangra soon. I just found them through Rekha’s email announcement about it… they sound pretty good! I wish I could be there. It’s on January 2 if you’re in NYC and can make it. Go!

One more bhangra website: Rukus Avenue. Found it when I was looking for my former classmate Swapnil Shah, who is apparently on the bhangra scene now. Neal, are you out there?! I want to hear your music!

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