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Henry Kissinger, Oh How I’m Missing Yer

One of Tony Lake¬ís and my assignments after each of the sessions in Paris with Le Duc Tho was to doctor the transcripts so that Henry would look good for posterity. There was a deliberate and conscious and very elaborate falsification of the record, including the insertion sometimes of humorous and erudite remarks that had not, in fact, been made at the table, but which we thought would serve historians well when they came to judge Henry’s statesmanship as well as his humor-which of course was, I think, almost as important as his diplomatic achievements. I remember quite vividly, in fact, spending a good deal of time writing speeches and trying to concoct jokes for appearances in this very building, in which he was, as you must remember, the darling of the American press. –Roger Morris

Quote taken from Harper’s forum on Kissinger, which I somehow missed though I caught Hitchens’s two-part article. Again, a very edifying piece of work, check it out.

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