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Department Of Stupid Media Tricks: Reverse-Engineering AP Articles

Some AP and other newswire articles seem to be not just flatulent prose taken straight from PR bulletins (be that from companies or tourist bureaus), but also take on a coating of cheese from the fatuous personal fixations of the stringers regurgitating their content. I come to the latter conclusion under the presumption that John Travolta’s handlers wouldn’t really think it important to mention how many Golden Raspberry awards the man got.

Then again, judging by the casual mention of Travolta’s “religion” in the article, methinks his PR flaks may well be of the same faith (that one as makes a sacraments of putting rattlesnakes in the mailboxes of journalists who expose them as the MONEY-GRUBBING CULTISTS THEY ARE), in which case they probably have all the facts on the man and are too whacked out to know how to use them to best effect.

But enough about journalists and whacked-out cultoid freaks. Let’s have a letter to men:

This part of this post taken to “time out” until it can cool down and play nicely with others.

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