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Detritus Peripatetica: Queens on St. Patrick’s Day

Now that it’s getting warmer, it’s nice to walk around Sunnyside again, even in the rain. Sokin and I went out for a stroll around the neighborhood last night, looking to have dinner and dessert. We approached a grocery store I didn’t recognize… five blocks away becomes the unknown. Three small dogs were tied out […]

From The Vaults: A Leg… Now I Get It…

from a family trip around the West, junior year of high school …Montana has always seemed to me to be a big grey area, the border of the known universe, the last bits of accessible territory on a Nintendo game, further from the sun (well, it is), and therefore constant clouded winter. I felt this […]

Clementine season

By Christmas even the idea of citrus will turn my stomach, just in time to return to California.

Day: Minutes

“Are you still our teacher?” they kept asking me, sizing up how much it would take to drive me away. They know they can do it. I’ll be in California in two weeks. Suddenly I felt very very out of place.