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From The Vaults: A Leg… Now I Get It…

from a family trip around the West, junior year of high school

…Montana has always seemed to me to be a big grey area, the border of the known universe, the last bits of accessible territory on a Nintendo game, further from the sun (well, it is), and therefore constant clouded winter. I felt this wakeful hibernating dormancy at being there– I wanted to sleep but at the same time go further, into Canada and to the North Pole, or at least until the ocean physically stops me….

Yellowstone is the sky factory– all the steam rising from the geysers and fumaroles must make enough clouds for the world….

Drove, drove, drove, etc. Tetons fantastic. (I’m really tired of all this snow-mtn.-trees-coldness thing. I’d like to finish off my scalding California summer, thank you very much.) Had trouble dealing with death at lunchtime. Eyesight seemed an illusion for a second there.

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