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Category Archives: Old Friends

This is exactly what should happen.

Welcome back, Goldie.

Cmon, people, am I the only one in this little blogoclique who speaks Spanish?

No comment.

Operation Moral Compass

Comic brilliance from the relatively new Rock On A Spring project.

Hello Ideant!

“Similar to the open source software movement, what is needed is an open ijtihad movement to create a multitude of sites for reinterpreting Islam…”

Full Waffle Jacket Watch

Once Upon A Time in Mexico must really be bad, to drag our almost-three-years-lapsed blogger out of exile.

Open Letter to Bacon

Bacon: The Other Extroverted Meat ™.

When The Light Rail Returns To Pasadena

Not as beautiful a sight as the swallows going back to Capistrano, but just as heartening.

Parties That Didn’t Suck

It was more constructive. We built a 5×5′ dance floor.

They’re Chewable!


Rock on a Spring

Announcing one of the funniest narrative humor writers ever. Plus, how to handle your Gus.