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Category Archives: Detritus

Memory-Limited, or, From the Hip

The Dancing Sausage Comeback Special

DSWJ not dead; television’s inflated self-importance, while little Coney Island is famous for YOU; premenstrual dysphoria disorder in the arms of the pharmaceuticlappers.

Detritus: Push Me Pull You

Detritus: When The Going Gets Weird, The Weird Crawl Into My Mailbag

Yes Men, the Crip Walk ethnography, eBay auctions, Japanese African music aficionados, bad mail from Hampshire’s alumn office and Glamour Magazine, fellow travellers, and a device that helps women pee standing up.

Detritus: It’s Only Ever Detritus When I Go Home And Unclench

ME72, Typing of the Dead, The Handmaid’s Tale, The Hall of Gravitas. Dear Mr. Moglia: Get bent. How’s that for a mixed bag?

Dancing at Diwali: Safety and New York

An afternoon in Jackson Heights; also Bowling for Columbine.

The vacuum non-sequitur.

Detritus for Elokuu

Going to college; The Making of a College; why we don’t crimp and program at the same time; no talking, just head; empty threats and Fred.

Desultory Music Review

Great, it’s not just mouse poop, it’s CORPORATE mouse poop