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Could it be? Have they really made a comic about my Bacon? It is called Mooserider Jenny and many Hampshire people seem to be involved. Do the legends of the crazed Alaskan raised in a little black box without social contact, the legendary road-tripping Alaskan who lived in the Publications Lab with a giant dog, still live on on campus? Or are they referring to some more general cultural archetype of crazed Alaskans? Only the comments to this post will tell.

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  1. bacon wrote:

    What the– I don’t– how can– dammit! First that FAKE-ASS rich kid at NYU makes the front page of the NYT because BOO HOO he spent a few nights in the library basement (and NYU responded by … organizing a 2am raid and kicking him off campus under penalty of expulsion? oh, wait, that was me … no, NYU gave him a FREE dorm room!!!) And now my story is in COMIC form! I don’t understand. How did this happen. Bacon bacon bacon. I need to calm down. Where’s my moose?

    Wednesday, May 5, 2004 at 7:50 pm | Permalink

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