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Links For The Day

Links for today:

Look! It’s Slashdot! For Pokemon! (This is another Blogger-powered site. Thanks, Blogger!)

Anything that looks like a Mad Lib is fine by me. My Dadaist pals and I used to play them every day at lunch, alternating with Hangman, which we played with alternative spellings when the games started getting too easy. (You can only use words with Qs and Xs for so long before people catch on and start guessing those letters first.) This was in high school, mind you.

Actually, I don’t feel like highlighting my friends’ nerdy weirdness today. I saw Jaleel White’s (Steve Urkel’s) latest sitcom last night, and was horrified… As long as the Powers That Be continue to paint nerds and geeks as rigidly boring, irritating, sexless social retards, I think we should work to make sure nerd culture is hard to pin down. Or something.

really I ought to be working.

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