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Category Archives: Veil Three: Albums

Self-importance in the Bay Area

The Game Developers Conference was fun and I guess other people are blogging about it, and I ended up in a celebrity column from the San Francisco Examiner online.

Holiday Pix

Pictures from Thanksgiving in Pasadena, subsequent trips to Prescott and LA, and Christmas in Ann Arbor.

And that was only the FIRST panel

Colin Mochrie and Bruce McEldowney: two great tastes what taste great together.

First Post

I can now blog from my phone, thanks to free Net access from my provider. With pictures, even.

From A Land Down Under

That is totally my hand and I am feeding a kangaroo in that picture.

The Gus Sindex, 2006

Summarizing just how far off the deep end I’ve gone.

When a kitten comes to your house

Pictures of Frank Black and Sirius Black, foster kitties.

College Trip to Boston

Fab’s first trip to Boston.

Andrews Family Reunion

Remember the one where Grandma barfed? We’ll all look back on this someday and laugh. Right now the grass is still dead in that spot.

Making Fiends Birthday Party

Making Fiends, Making Fiends, my friends are always Making Fiends… while I make a mess of my birthday parties.