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B!tch, B!tch, B!tch

My article on Free To Be You And Me has finally come out in B!tch, and I approve the edit job even though I didn’t get to see it before it went to press. It is good. My apologies to my correspondants for that article if they feel like the editing was overdone — that’s more my fault than the editors; still, I tried my dangedest to be true to what you said in the limited space I have. Anyway, if you’re at your local newsstand (or bookstore if you’re not in NYC), look for the issue with the pink urinal on the cover. Great articles on chest hair and (o(k rock in addition to my piece. I just pitched some more pieces to them, so keep watching the rag over the next year.

If you don’t subscribe to good ol’ B!tch but have been toying with the idea, now’s the time — they are still struggling with sustainability after all these years and could always use new subscribers. I did think it was cool that one of the ways they’re trying to cover their expenses is by auctioning off original art and things, but I can’t seem to find a link to that stratagem anymore… hmm. You can, however, generally still find Lynda Barry’s wonderful artwork (often with monkeys!) up for auction off her own site. Speaking of which, if you’re looking for a birthday gift for me I do love those One Hundred Views of Marlys she does. Hint.

UPDATE: Some time ago I did a brief blurb on Cat And Girl for Bitch. I had not noticed that C&G’s creator had subsequently posted a picture of her grandma reading it. Hee!


  1. jenn wrote:

    I just read it, and I loved it!

    I picked up a copy of Bitch when I was 14–because there was an article on computer games for girls–and I’ve been so impressed with the publication ever since.

    Anyway, I just came to say how much I liked the article. Rock.

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