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Detritus: “um, Whatcha eatin’?” “CHHHALK!”

Things of note: First of all, y’all Cali-haytas can step. If y’all still don’t know why to like California, my sista take yo a$s to schoo. Captures the character of the local biome succinctly and vividly.

Nextly, check out Ariel’s art. Nothin else like it nowhere. I hope she keeps arting in some way; it would be a d^mned shame if she didn’t.

Nextly, it would appear Jhonen Vasquez has landed himself a cartoon on a pustulent Viacom-owned channel which will remain nameless. The irises are square, the expressions are strained, it’s still classic Jhonen and I hope corporatalia hasn’t kicked the sh!t out of his sense of humor. Do you realize how wrong this is, though? The creator of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac is p!mpin’ for N**kelodeon? There hasn’t been a worse mismatch since they signed Pee Wee Herman up for a Saturday morning show.

You know, the variety of Black English Vernacular spoken in the Bronx is really punchy, much cleaner than the ivory-tower jargon I marinated in. I’m going to use it more often. By doing so I don’t ever mean to denigrate the people as created it; it’s simply a more powerful, more efficient way of talking.

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