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Stupid Newswire Articles #2034

Clinton buys a Cuban cigar in a London airport. His other purchase, a tie with frogs on it, warrants Reuters attention. And the continued embargo against Cuba? And Castro’s policies, benevolent and malevolent?! What do you have to do to get attention in this g0dd^mn media sinkhole?!

I had a surreal Castro experience today. I was engrossed in some paperwork, sitting in on a class about HIV taught by my new boss, when I got the vague impression someone had asked about Castro’s policy of quarantining people with HIV. Before I really knew what was going on, my boss’s voice was aimed in my direction, and he was saying something like, “Well, some of us look more kindly on Castro’s policies than others…” I looked up, he grinned at me, the largely immigrant class of city workers ruffled a little. What had I said — I wanted to visit Cuba, I wanted to know more about Cuba’s surprisingly successful biomed industry? sheesh.

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