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Detritus: The Man Under The Marine Layer In The Coco Helado Suit

I’ve finally brought All Mirth No Matter Productions, my ridiculous little fantasy about producing short videos, to life. Currently Internet Explorer doesn’t read the page right, so you won’t get the video loading in the right frame like it’s supposed to. It will load in another window you may not see right away, and take a while. There’s not much up yet, but I just resolved some technical difficulties with Final Cut and should be using it to re-produce my inauguration piece soon, the Beanie Baby Liberation Front Sketch is still in production, and I just edited together a video I did with the little kids Jen lives with in Seattle, so there should be more soon.

Unbelievable smog today in NYC, the kind we Angelenos call “marine layer” and the kind New Yorkers like to claim only exists in LA. It was definitely marine layer, though, hovering over Central Park, where people were still jogging despite the fact you couldn’t see three yards ahead of you. These people don’t understand SigAlerts. Regardless, there I was out in the sun at 2:30 p.m. (god bless my new job!) and it was balmy, so I bought a coquito from the helado man and petted the carriage horses at the south end of the Park until my hands were stinky and I got to the subway and went home.

I live in New York, and yet I still haven’t seen David Byrne (that link’s a movie, but it’s him playing Sessions at West 54th in an icecream suit and playing his guitar like an agoraphobic whiteman wailing from the Great Plains — or like the voice of the last person left in the city who isn’t screaming — worth the download).

Things I thought today: Given a finite amount of time, I invariably waste it. Witness Hampshire (I majored in what?) and this afternoon (how did I end up watching Ally McBeal?) Knowing that, I thought maybe it’s better that I don’t know when I’m going to die, or I might end up doing nothing. (Faulty logic?)

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