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You, Rabbit! You’ll get yours!

When MeFi posted a link to ten Soviet-era cartoons, I was delighted to find that a part of my own childhood was represented.

My mom used to bring home episodes of the Tom-and-Jerry-like Nu, Pogodi! (roughly translated as “You’ll get yours!”) for my sisters and I to watch when she was in the Slavic Studies department at USC. I was always mystified by the things I saw therein (a Hungarian rock group made up of lhasa apsos? buses that were powered by overhead wires?) and it piqued my interest about a country still inaccessible to U.S. citizens like myself. I just wish there was more of this up online! Maybe I’ll check BitTorrent or something. Sadly, I do not see Bolshoi Chiripacha (“Big Turtle,” another favorite) on the same site…


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