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Another Musical Evening

I have had a very musical evening. First Jacob sent me a link to a bunch of Sesame Street songs I’ve been looking for (hooray! the Capital I song!) Then I read The Onion’s interview with Afrika Bambaataa, who struck me as very wise, so I decided it was time to look up his stuff.

And then, thinking “What music is genuinely missing from my life?” I went to find the band my friend Joanna’s cute brother fronted in high school. I thought up a search query which was likely to actually find him for a change (“band-aid ring”), and it worked! Thom and Greg Moore are apparently still playing, and while I can’t find Band-Aid Ring and some of my other favorites (the one that went “Dead bird in a rubber trash can…”), there was a song with a reference to Eaton Canyon which ran chills up my spine remembering the time Elana and I and some boys we were trying to impress crawled up a storm drain there. Of course, this all comes about because what I OUGHT to be doing is reading about ethnography and design. mmmmmhm.


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