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Found Documents: Diary Entry From El Capitan/Refugio, May (June?) 1995

Begins with a reference to a Tanqueray ad campaign of that time in which a photo-collage old white male figure said mildly scandalous old-white-male things about a lifestyle vaguely related to alcohol to an unseen secretary. We would have seen a lot of this ad campaign — it was all over West Hollywood, where we were spending a lot of time in those days, seeing as Robert had recently come out. I believe Tanqueray was also sponsoring the AIDS Ride. “Fuzzy male psycho physicist” somehow had become our shorthand for “boyfriend,” as in “we need to look for one for Robert.”
When I was in high school, I found it pressing to write down ridiculous moments like this, as I figured I would forget what it was like to have them, as an adult. How prescient. I have.

Mz. Clemens, pls take note: (Robert dictating)

Mr. Jenkins hopes to see you riding in front of him in the Second California AIDS Bike Race, as the view from behind Mr. Jenkins is not very flattering.

Saddam Hussein
President + CEO, Tonka Trucks Int’l
(re: Tanqueray ad)
-Anything more to add, Robert?
-(Note that Robt wants a fuzzy male psycho physicist. So do I, but not a physicist. J.T. would be fine; he’s not here yet.)
-Robert: You might note that I was being completely anarchistic tonight.
-Lindsay: Is the right to vote a grundrecht?
(none of us think so)
(big thundering waves)
-Robert’s last words:
Chairman Mao says eat your vegetables every day
With pickled herring, salted fascists, and some hay.
(brought about by “Vegetables on Parade” in my accordion book.)


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