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Shameless Self-Promotion/ Shameless Self-Congratulation

the writer’s dance

I have (I think, in retrospect) committed a horrible faux pas and posted an entire story as a comment on Kuro5hin in response to this story. It was something I’d been meaning to post to my site. arrrgh… never posted to Kuro5hin before, what a way to start. :PPP

* * *

So after a day of being up on K5 the post is now the highest-rated in response to the article :D! It’s even more highly rated than a post by the founder of the site (ok, so I admit his rating of my post, one of three, is part of why my rating was so high.)

whoopee… something new for my ego to get tied up in. (Better than it getting tied up in my app for an internship at Harper’s; I got turned down, tacked the rejection letter to my door and moped for a weekend.)

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