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Detritus peripatetica

Coming home at night I smell dinner being cooked all over Sunnyside. People are making better food than I do. I think this is because they are not making it for themselves alone.

I feel like I haven’t said what I needed to say to put this election to rest for me. Then, I don’t think I can. Every time I think how farcical and debased it was I am utterly floored. Hunter S. Thompson needs to come out of retirement. The whole process warranted a frame of giant iguanas and Samoan lawyers threatening people with guns and periods of utter debauchery with cigarette boats and smack. It’s just as awful as anything that happened in the Sixties, if not worse because nobody can stop it and so many people think they don’t need to. What’s worse than iguanas? I’m sending Godzilla into my landscape. damn, why he have to mess up his head like that. If the man wasn’t completely wrecked from the horror of the Nixon era we might have someone fit to hold up a mirror to it all.

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