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Free the E3 Two, mama!

The Global Gaming League has recruited some hapless 17-year-old to campaign for the return of booth babes.

I posted a comment which may or may not get approved by the moderator. It was really quite restrained, for me, mostly focusing on how “free speech” is a scummy excuse for objectification of women in advertising, and how booth babes indicate to other women that gaming is not really “their” space, reducing the population of women available for real, actual, non-implied s3x with male gamers. Also, that the exclusion of women from gaming has probably contributed significantly to Hillary Clinton’s bad attitude about the medium.

I’m trying to formulate a different shorthand for “free” as in “advertising is free speech,” something like the way the Free Software movement came up with “free as in speech versus free as in beer”… I think the connotation of “free” here implies some of the substance of “fat-free, salt-free, sugar-free, wheat-free…” free as in “lite” or free as in “freebie,” something flimsy and useless people give you to convince you to give them your money.

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