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I’ve been remiss in checking others’ blogs lately, so it’s only just now that I discovered Sarah had posted the picture of us with the parrots in Miami.

We were walking along in this little touristy outdoor mall after dinner with our beloved advisor and one of his peers and her students, and there’s this stand where you can get your picture taken with parrots but you have to pay. And for some reason our advisors decide they HAVE to have a picture of us with the parrots. It would scarcely have been memorable except that the parrot Sarah is holding — “who wants to hold the baby?” the handlers asked, then flipped one bird over and handed it to her — bit a button off her jacket. Parrots’ beaks — macaws like these especially — are engineered to crack open hard nut shells, so it just started mouthing it and all of a sudden we hear this CRACK noise. Fortunately, Sarah thought this was hilarious.

I think shortly before this pic we’d gotten Bresman to tell the story about how he’s the model for Jar-Jar Binks again. Mm?

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