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George Bush Don’t Like Black People

Look, let’s just try to clarify that. It’s not just that George Bush doesn’t like black people. George Bush doesn’t like poor people. The Republicans, in general, don’t like poor people. You think any of them would offer their homes to Katrina refugees who were already on Section 8 or in shelters? You think even you or I would fail to have second thoughts about offering your house to someone in persistently desperate circumstances? I just think we’re going to get farther with a critique of this administration which talks about how it screws poor people than one which isolates black people in their struggles.

Nevertheless, that’s an awesome song. Sarah reports that it is by a group called The Legendary KO. Usually when someone forwards you a link to rap on the Internet it’s, like, MC Stephen Hawking or MC Frontalot or something. It’s nice to get a forward of rap which doesn’t appear to come from well-educated white people. (does research) OK… so the group appears to be… two black guys and a white guy… and one of their blogs lists a post about how one of them is giving up a life as a banker to be a musician.

sigh. this is what I get for being so concerned with “authenticity.” I’m going to go crawl back in the Ignernt Hole now.

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  1. Ben wrote:

    Sadly, I have hunch that Libertarians will overtake Democrats. Libertarians have balls, which have been very useful to the Republicans, and sorely lacking among the Democrats.

    Once in power, the Libertarians, in a fit of blissful capitalist ignorance, will accelerate the current economic trends.

    K…maybe that’s just my personal nightmare.

    Thursday, September 29, 2005 at 8:53 pm | Permalink

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