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You can’t have it that way!

In doing some research for work, I happened upon this article which notes that McDonalds is doing research to find out how to make their employees’ uniforms “hipper”… and one of the companies they’re looking to is American Apparel.

Now, I know American Apparel is not the spotless workers’ utopia it makes itself out to be, but come on — how dumb do you have to be to not realize that McDonalds can’t borrow fire from a company whose image is about treating its workers nicely? I mean, it’s not like AA’s clothes make the brand; they’re basically nondescript (though comfy and durable).

Hey McDonalds, I have an idea — how ’bout you associate that uniform with a DECENT WAGE?! Or EDIBLE FOOD?! Or contributing to a PRISTINE ENVIRONMENT?! There’s status for you. heh. How ’bout you just GO OUT OF BUSINESS ALREADY?!!!!1

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