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Crap — Chute in an Accident

Some weird sense that there was a disturbance in the force caused me to look up author, militia leader, and my-sometime-penpal Carolyn Chute online today, and Maine Indymedia, bless them, is reporting she and her husband, Michael, are in bad shape after an auto wreck a scant few days ago. It also reminds that they have no health insurance.

This is bad news — Carolyn has a fractured hip socket, and while it’s been mended well it sounds unlikely that she will get the follow-up she needs, and the hospital has been looking to discharge her. She has also had heart problems for some time. If anyone wants to help her out with a donation, I do have her address. Carolyn is very important in getting critical ideas out to her community, and it would be a shame to have her voice diminished.

An article in the comments to this thread also notes that it’s been six summers since Stephen King almost died in an auto accident. Carolyn quipped they seem to have it in for authors up there 🙂 but I know she doesn’t really believe it; she loves her town.

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