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The Aristocrats Joke

[[WARNING: Link is text-only, but that text is ABSOLUTELY not worksafe and probably not for the weak of stomach.]] Was I the only one here who’d never heard of the Aristocrats Joke? No? That’s probably for the best, though because Penn Jillette is making a movie about it, and because it is firmly outside the bounds of taste, not to mention sense, in any of its incarnations, it is worth a look. Try two or three versions, the one about Notre Dame probably being the best in its balance between the horrid and the surreal. Beyond that, the fe1(hing all starts to run together.

No, no, on second thought, better not read it.


  1. Roger wrote:

    You have seen the South Park version that’s been floating around the Net for the last year or so, right? Right? (Previous Metafilter discussion: )

    Sunday, July 10, 2005 at 12:50 am | Permalink
  2. Lynn wrote:

    Awesome. I laughed like the crazy bastard I am…!

    Wednesday, November 8, 2006 at 4:39 pm | Permalink

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