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Boob’s back; mash-up needed

Just saw a news brief saying the new Atty General took down the drapes over the statue of Justice, and you can now see her b00b again. Hurray!

The brief also occasioned the replaying of “Let The Eagle Soar,” that song of John Ashcroft’s which I was so obsessed with. And I can’t believe it didn’t occur to me before:

it would not be difficult at all to do a mash-up or medley of that song with “Tomorrow Belongs To Me”, the creepy Nazi anthem from Kander and Ebb’s Cabaret. Even though “Tomorrow” is in 3/4. I would love to see this done… any takers?

And while you’re at it, to my knowledge nobody has taken up my challenge to do a folk rendition of Biz Markie’s “Just A Friend” yet. Hop to it, pplz!

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