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Back In The Saddle

Okeyyyyy! We’re back, and as you can see: New year, new URL, and new look, for me as well as the site. I got glasses, and my hair is longer than it may ever have been since I was maybe four.

I’m sorry I’ve been gone so long. The comment spam really got me down — I got 800 PIECES OF PR0N COMMENTS IN ONE DAY, all of them with titles so dirty even I was frightened by them. I have half a mind to start billing the posters if it happens again, provided they don’t originate in some place where going after them wouldn’t work, like Russia. For now, I am pretty confident in the ability of newer versions of Movabletype to control spam, and seeing as I’m on a new server run by more people I know, I figure updates will be easier to pull off.

I have really, really missed blogging and I think I’ve suffered from its absence in my life. No amount of talking to other people, even trained professional talkers, can substitute for getting my ideas down in text and being able to go back to reconsider them later. I literally haven’t been writing at *all*. And not having you all there to add to, adjust, or affirm my ideas has also been very depressing. I was really enjoying some of the heated arguments which developed in response to some posts here. I hope they’re not gone for good.

So welcome back; I missed you. I promise I’ll try to be in better touch. Things will still be filtering into place for a while — you’ll notice a lot of dead links and no coherent archive pages for the moment, but I’ll be working on that in my free moments.

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