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SEE! The Dancing Sausage Live In Performance!

My dance studio is having an open house this Saturday starting at 4:00. I’ll be performing a short West African dance called Goombe with my class. Please stop by! It’s a good opportunity to check out the studio, as many of its incredibly diverse dances will be on display (belly dance, various Indian classical — and non-classical! — styles, and probably flamenco at the very least will be on display; I know we also have a hula class, a Thai dance class, and a Native American dance class using the space). The studio is Lotus Arts, at 109 West 27th Street, 8th Floor in Manhattan. And no, I am not linking you to their website; I don’t want you running away screaming just because their website is so goddamn ugly. The studio is much better than its site, though it is small. Saturday June 7 at 4:00! Be there! I’m going to run out to watch the Belmont Stakes afterwards and if you’re inclined to take in a truly peculiar set of events that day you can join me.

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