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Panthers, in flagrante delicto

Today Robert Durff sent a link to a story in CNN about the arrest of Katrina Leung, an alleged Chinese double agent, which, he alluded, had something to do with our high school in Pasadena. I scanned the entire article and was mystified by the connection — the story had a Los Angeles dateline, but that was about it — until I looked a little more carefully and realized that the man who was her FBI handler was in fact wearing a Poly Panthers hat in an accompanying picture. Catherine did a little more digging and discovered that not only was the FBI agent a Poly parent, but the double agent was as well.

Both spies are up on charges — he is accused of handing off important documents to her, as they were apparently lovers. This kind of drama is sort of par for the course in Pasadena; the town is lousy with all sorts of questionable love affairs. (Scientology, if I recollect rightly, was founded on the wealth of a Caltech professor’s wife who left her husband for L. Ron Hubbard.) The real surprise is hearing, out in the open, about Poly parents’ dizzyingly global roles. This is the most intrigue to hit the school since “Mrs. Robinson” (the famous one, not the one who was our math teacher).

The Star News article calls Leung a “prominent political activist,” while the CNN story calls her a “prominent Chinese-American businesswoman.” I can’t help but wonder which is more accurate, and what both of those lines of work entailed… No, no, wait — I see now! CNN says she was a Republican fundraiser!

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